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Soviet Spy Radio found in forest
(oh yeah, I put that there...I'll take it now thanks!)

COLOGNE, GERMANY—According to a Live Science report, archaeologist Erich Classen of the Rhineland Regional Association and his colleagues were looking for a Roman villa in western Germany when they unearthed a Soviet spy radio that had been sealed in a metal box and hidden along a path through what was the Hambach Forest, just a few miles away from a nuclear research center and military air ...  READ MORE
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Announcing the W9DYV Radio Society
honoring SSB pioneer Wes Schum W9DYV

Nick Tusa, K5EF,  longtime friend of Wes Schum and organizer of the W9DYV-Central Electronics Technical Symposium for a number of years, has announced that the W9DYV callsign will again be active, as the club callsign of the W9DYV Radio Societ NFP. Congratulations to Nick and friends for memorializing Wes Schum's contributions to amateur radio in this way!...  READ MORE
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WBBM-AM tower moves to Bloomington IL
watch the old tower fall (video link below)

 The WBBM-AM radio tower has moved out of Itasca and found a new home in Bloomingdale.After 77 years, the over 680-foot WBBM-AM radio tower came down Thursday in Itasca. The property sold for development and WBBM Newsradio's new tower will now be located in Bloomingdale, at the same site as its sister station,WSCR (670 The Score), and will be diplexing off of their tow...  READ MORE
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Apollo 11 and Collins Radio
“Every American voice transmitted from space was via Collins Radio Co. equipment”

Those who may be interested in the technical details and the history of the space program leading up to Apollo should find plenty of interesting reading at this site:https://www.hq.nasa.gov/office/pao/History/SP-4204/contents.htmlUsed with permission.The Manned Space Flight Network antennas operated in the S-Band, on frequencies around 2.2 GHz. The system employed was known as the "Unified S-...  READ MORE
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Google gets stung for swiping content thanks to embedded morse code
Dah-dit hits crash dot-dash cash-bash

From The Inquirer:GOOGLE HAS FALLEN for a sting which is said to have proved the firm is 'stealing' data from a rival website.Genius.com, a site specialising in providing song lyrics, had suspected that Google had been scraping its site and using the lyrics to populate the 'information panels' often seen in the side of search results.This isn't that uncommon, but...  READ MORE
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Hara Arena badly damaged in Dayton Tornado
Drone footage shows extensive damage

The City of Trotwood OH is under an emergency declaration and the Hara Arena suffered extensive damage when tornadoes and severe storms moved through Monday night.   Drone footage shows the roof and side of the structure blown off in several places.WATCH...  READ MORE
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Masa - AB9MQ - has the Coolest Rig in the World (this week)
Check out his newly restored Kenwood TS-511DN

It doesn't belong to me, even!   Masa AB9MQ has recently acquired one of his "dream rigs" from Japan, a Kenwood TS-511DN, one of the predecessors to the famous TS-520.  Check out his nice work and (way too neat!) "Maximum Quality Laboratory"  in the Gallery....  READ MORE
Radio Friends
Cool mics from my collection and ones I wish were

I like microphones.   I have lots of them, and lust after more!   I'll be featuring cool microphonia in the Gallery from time to time, so check back often!...  READ MORE
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The Coolest Rig in the World!
(this week...or until I say otherwise!)

 Borrowing from Little Steven's Underground Garage on SiriusXM,  I will be featuring "The Coolest Rig in the World" on this very website!By what criteria?   MINE!    But rest assured, each featured rig WILL be cool...Check out the Gallery section for The Coolest Rig in the World (this week)!...  READ MORE
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Making A Transistor Radio
in memory of Rev. George Dobbs G3RJV (SK)

In memory of G3RJV, here is a link to the excellent book he wrote in 1972 titled "Making A Transistor Radio".   It is in e-book form so you can view it in high resolution color online:https://archive.org/details/MakingATransistorRadioRev. Dobbs started the G-QRP club and wrote countless articles promoting homebrewing, simple radios, and QRP operation.  His absence will lea...  READ MORE
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