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Take the Vintage Radio Interest Survey:  https://tinyurl.com/boatanchorsurveyThis survey is intended to better understand your vintage radio-related interests for use by vintage radio authors, product developers, and event organizers.Entering your email address helps to ensure the quality of the survey and enables you to receive an Executive Summary of the survey results when it is completed ...  READ MORE
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Announcing the VERSA-TR (as seen in Dec. 2018 QST)
A Versatile T/R solution for SDRs and vintage radios

Inexpensive Software Defined Radios offer excellent performance and value for hams and SWLs, but they lack key features that are needed for actual use on the air:Provision for automatically muting the speakers when transmitting, to eliminate overloading and audio feedback.A sidetone to monitor CW keying. SDRs do not provide a CW sidetone, and even worse, the time delay resulting from digital signa...  READ MORE
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Welcome to the new RAN Technology Inc. Website
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The new RAN Technology Inc. /  W9RAN webpage is on the air!   Please bookmark this page and check back often for news and information ranging from vintage radio to the latest developments in Software Defined Radio. ...  READ MORE
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