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WWII Command Set radio checkout in a P-47 Thunderbolt
Radio Mechanic Jones...bring your screwdriver, you have a lot of Dzus fasteners in your future!

PREFLIGHT RADIO INSPECTION FOR FIGHTER AIRCRAFT is a WWII film made for newbie Army Air Force Radio Mechanics. The film shows a P-47 Thunderbolt's SCR274 radio being checked out on the ground, part of the routine pre-flight for any fighter aircraft. What's really interesting about it, is that the film really goes into great detail on the inspection including showing the various forms that ...  READ MORE
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The Sputnik Moment - the day everything changed
Oct. 4, 1957

It was a 58 cm (23 in) diameter polished metal sphere, with four external radio antennas to broadcast radio pulses on 20.005 and 40.010 MHz. Its radio signal was easily detectable even by hams using regular receivers and the 65° inclination and duration of its orbit made its flight path cover virtually the entire inhabited Earth. This surprise success of the Russian launch of the fir...  READ MORE
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Heathkit Interviews - the Heathkit Files
A couple of the "hams at Heath"

"The Radio Geek" on YouTube atteneded the 2016 Heathkit Employee Reunion and interviewed two of the long-time "hams at Heath".   David Poplewski and Ed Mosher share their memories of the late, great (until Zenith took over!) Heathkit Company....  READ MORE
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Ham Radio and Disaster Preparedness
A California ham's vintage radios featured in EMCOMM video

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - The Coachella Valley is prone to potential natural disasters like earthquakes which could knock out many lines of communication. If that happens ham radios can be the key in sending essential information.A radio is being tuned as this ham radio operator works from his Cathedral City home searching for people to talk to. For him it’s something he loves to do.“Th...  READ MORE
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Controlling external devices using VERSA-TR
VERSA-TR can be used as an RF-actuated switch to control external devices such as a linear amplifier.

Sometimes it's nice to be able to turn something on/off when RF is present.   A common example is to key a linear amplifier without having to run DC control signals, or to turn on an "On The Air" sign to impress shack visitors!   This is easy to do using the VERSA-TR as shown in this video.A special cable with a 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo type plug is needed and wir...  READ MORE
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Panadaptor with VERSA-TR
Add big rig features like panoramic/waterfall display and DSP audio with muting using the VERSA-TR

Inexpensive SDRs make a great addition to vintage radios but audio feedback and latency delay are annoying.  The VERSA-TR can be used to automatically mute the audio from an SDR during transmit for quiet operation....  READ MORE
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