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Great fun from https://christmas.musetechnical.com/

Posted By: Robert Nickels (ranickels)

How many got their start in radio with a Christmas gift?    And how many times did it come from the Sears or Mongomery Ward "Christmas Wishbook"?

Mine did...the little crystal radio in the upper right?   Didn't work very well but was really cool!  



The Remco Crystal radio was memorialized in this photo from about 1958 - age 7:



The larger Remco came later - but was a bust.   It was called a "broadcaster" but in fact all it broadcast to was it's own loudspeaker, by way of a puny one-transistor amplifier.    I could yell louder!

But other Christmases produced the real deal - a Knight Kit Spanmaster at around age 12 which really started my ham career, but I didn't remember that it and a couple of other Knight and Heathkits were sold in the Wards catalog: