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The Birth, Life, and Death of the Cosmophone

As told by the inventor, Butch Mason W6KAG. Recorded by K6VOI in 1970

Posted By: Robert Nickels (ranickels)

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As a Cosmophone owner I am very pleased to be able to share this one of a kind recording that describes the history of the Cosmophone 35, in the words of the man who designed its predecessor and inspiration - Butch Mason W6KAG.   This recording was made over the air by K5VOI and later edited to explain some audio issues,    Some interference can be heard but overall the audio quality is quite good. 

I'd like to thank Brian Harris WA5UEK aka "Mr. Cosmophone" for making the cassette tape of this recording available.    Now that it's in digital form it will not be lost to history as so much of ham radio's past has already been.     A number of names that are familiar to anyone interested in ham radio history are heard, along with one man's experience in dealing with the leaders of the industry in the 1950s.