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NE1S - Larry from Gray, Maine, operating a 1929 Hartley transmitter

Recorded 11/9/19 on 40 meters

Posted By: Robert Nickels (ranickels)

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If you're interested in hearing what a 1920's vintage non-crystal controlled transmitter sounds like, here is a recording of vintage radio guru Larry NE1S operating in the AWA Bruce Kelley QSO Party on Nov. 9, 2019.

The transmitter uses a single 841 tube with 24 watts DC input and about 3 watts to the antenna, using a 160 meter dipole fed with open wire on 40 meters.   The signal is barely above the noise but is Q5 copy.   While there is a bit of chirp as is always the case with Hartley transmitters, the signal is stable enough to allow use of a narrow bandwidth if desired.  You can't say that about all of them!  

To be able to send a copyable CW signal over a distance of 977 miles using such a simple transmitter that can be built using almost any available parts really highlights the uniqueness of amateur radio!